The experienced flooring specialists at KSL Flooring thrive creating impressive flooring for retail stores and businesses throughout Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Hamilton, St. Catharines and other areas in Southern Ontario. Whether wholesale, corporate, specialized or general, retail environments need to be attractive spaces that allow the free and easy movement of clients. Flooring can greatly contribute to the appeal, functionality, and overall appearance of any retail space, improving flow, ease of movement, and can even make a space appear larger or more intimate than it is. The flooring options that our team provides like attractive decorative quartz/flake, slip-resistance, ergonomics, moisture-resistance, and line painting, can completely transform any retail environment! We also offer excellent concrete polishing, decorative microcement and epoxy mortar systems. Whether setting up a new store for the first time or refreshing and existing retail space, our experienced flooring professions know how to make your flooring system work best for you and your company.

No matter what kind of hard-surface flooring you need for your retail project, our company offers a range of high quality, low-cost flooring solutions that will be custom-tailored to suit your needs. Our flooring experts will assist you in selecting your perfect flooring solution to make your business standout in competitive retail markets, including tough epoxy floor coatings that can withstand heavy foot traffic, several durable options for backroom and storage areas. Our KSL Flooring experts only use trusted products manufactured by leading manufactures in the flooring industry for flooring installation and restoration. All of our work is backed by warranty and follows our comprehensive Health and Safety program.

To learn more about our company, find out about any of our full fleet of flooring applications, or the other markets we serve, contact us today. In addition to retail markets, our flooring professionals service markets in commercial, educational, industrial, pharmaceutical, electronics, aviation, food plants, transportation, healthcare, and residential flooring. Our experienced and well-trained flooring professionals provide a free quote for any of our flooring solutions. View some of our past projects in our photo gallery, and review some of our client testimonials to get additional ideas of what our company can do to improve or enhance your property's flooring system.

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