The manufacture of electronics takes place in highly specialized work environments with sensitive equipment that require special flooring that will reduce the generation of electrostatic charges to preserve equipment and protect anyone working in this area. Specialized Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) floors, also called Static Dissipative flooring systems, protect sensitive equipment by gradually carrying static charges to a ground. ESD flooring drains electrostatic charges from equipment and human movement, while also reduces the generation of charges produced as shoe soles make contact with the floor.

KSL Flooring proudly services the electronics industry and related markets. Fully-credentialed, bonded and approved for working in Government-operated facilities, our flooring experts are experienced providing specialized flooring across electronics markets throughout Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Hamilton, St. Catharines and nearby communities. Whether your business is engaged in electronics production, manufacture, distribution or you otherwise require ESD floors, the experienced flooring professionals from KSL Flooring are knowledgeable about providing static control flooring to these specialized environments. Our technicians can also repair or replace existing ESD flooring.

ESD flooring is only one of the industrial flooring applications that our company provides. Urethane flooring, epoxy coatings, chemical resistant coatings, epoxy mortar systems, as well as safety markings and line painting represent some of our other popular industrial flooring applications. Contact our company with any questions you may have about our applications or the other markets we service, including industrial, pharmaceutical, commercial, residential, electronics, transportation, aviation, and retail. KSL Flooring maintains a fully-trained staff to handle your commercial, industrial, residential or other flooring systems. We provide a free quote for all our services. Our photo gallery and client testimonials provide detailed illustrations of what our company has done for our valued clients.

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