KSL Flooring provides superior flooring solutions throughout Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Hamilton, St. Catharines and nearby southern Ontario cities. With a range of flooring solutions suitable for most interior and exterior floors, our company has earned a reputation for delivering reliable and lasting results on all of our residential, commercial and industrial flooring products and services. Our references are impeccable. Brand name companies in varied industries are among our working partners and we have completed projects for, and teamed with, many of local industry leaders. Our KSL Flooring technicians are committed to helping all of our clients achieve enduring results for their commercial business, industrial facility, residence or any other flooring system.

The professionalism, training, and experience of our staff of flooring technicians makes our company stand out within the Southern Ontario flooring industry. Our company is fully-credentialed and approved for working in Government-operated facilities. We directly employ our team of work crews and flooring installers, and all of our flooring professionals are fully-insured and well-trained. Seasoned in hand-trowel, machine-trowel, broadcast techniques and other skilled flooring applications, our technicians are also equipped with state-of-the-art equipment like computer aided design (CAD) technology to deliver thorough and lasting custom-tailored flooring solutions that fully satisfy your specific flooring needs. All of our work is backed by warranty and follows our comprehensive Health and Safety program.

Whether you need an epoxy, urethane, or methyl methacrylate flooring solution for your home, office, shop, medical facility or government building, our company has the quality and service you deserve. Our experienced and fully-trained professionals work closely with clients to achieve the best result for their properties. Our flooring applications include:

Our work can be found in the following markets:

To learn more about our company and our work and to see how our commercial, industrial and residential services have helped others in your community, we invite you to browse our photo gallery of past projects and read testimonials from our satisfied clients. We provide a free quote. Contact us today to find out for yourself why our company has earned a reputation as one of Southern Ontario's leading providers of quality flooring!

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